Tamara Milano – A Fashion Icon

Tamara Milano is a young fashion designer who hails from Milan, Italy. She is a member of the brigade called « Dove Theatre ». However, she is more than just a member of this group. She has won several modeling competitions for young women in Italy and abroad. This is how she became famous. Her modeling agency CV is impressive and this is what helped her get into a prestigious fashion design school, Camsoda.

Milano started her career by designing clothes for the military personnel. After the war she decided to focus on clothes that were sexy. She was able to achieve this by creating her own style that was unique. Her clothes are characterized by their boldness and she made use of colors such as black, red, yellow and orange. These colors give you a hint of sexiness that you will love to show off when you wear them.

Milano is not your typical fashion designer as she believes in quality and not quantity. Her clothes are made from the finest fibers available and not the cheap fabrics that you usually see. As such, they are very comfortable to wear and even the stylish and elegant designs make them look real good on your body. The colors that she uses are also very bright which add to the glamor of her clothing.

One of the clothes that she created was the Milano Stripe Dress. This was designed especially for the models at Camsoda who wanted to have a dress that would not only look great on them but could also serve its purpose of being practical at the same time. The Stripe is not just clothes that can be worn for everyday use. It is designed to be comfortable and durable as well.

Another style that Milano created was the Milano Stripe Trousers. The name of the company was intended to mimic the skirts worn by the military personnel. These tights were designed with the comfort of the women in mind. For this reason, the style is appropriate for the style quotient of many a runway model.

The pricing of her brand clothes is also quite high compared to the other brands. However, this is not a price that reflects the quality and the elegance of these clothes. If you want to buy some original pieces, it would be best if you could visit some of the stores that have her clothes for sale. Tamara Milano also has a few online stores that carry her clothing brand. If you are looking for low-priced yet high quality designer clothes, then Milano would be an ideal brand to buy from.