Review of Conseco Sweet

So, Sweet_ary is back! For those of you not familiar with the site, it’s an internet site that features only exclusive and highly acclaimed sweets of San Antonio, Texas. I have been a huge fan of this sweet distributor since it first came out. In fact, I attended my first Sweet_ary party almost four years ago. I knew right then and there that this was going to be a big deal for me. That’s because I had already fallen in love with the food, the atmosphere, the people, and the overall « energy » of the place.

You might think that eating sweets has no value, but I beg to differ. Eating sweets like at Sweet_and will really give your soul a lift. It’s really more like a treat than a meal. If you are the type to snack on something every now and then, Sweet_and is definitely not going to put a dent in your budget. Most distributors sell their sweets for $5 a bag or can, depending on the day. This price is not unheard of for premium chocolates, which I believe are a bit more expensive.

There is so much variety that you won’t know what to choose from. The awesome part about this, however, is that you can also customize your own flavors, if you so desire. This could be especially fun if you live close to a Conseco or Baskin Robbins (I don’t). You can grab a box or two and have some delicious sweets delivered to your doorstep or place of work. I know I can’t wait to visit again!

If you’re not a fan of sweets, you will be pleased to know that you can still enjoy them, while at Sweet_ary. Distributors offer a very wide selection of non-sour products such as chocolates, cookies, jams, honey, maple syrup, and condiments. In addition to these, they also have a great selection of organic teas, coffees, flavored creams, and even a full service restaurant.

Convenience is taken into account, as Conseco also ships to your home. They also have an incredibly large variety of candy including many varieties of hard candy, and candy of all kinds. From simple sugar free gum, to all sorts of dark chocolates, you will have a hard time not finding a sweet you would like to try.

My next trip to Conseco is in September. I’ve already sampled several different things, including ice cream, cookies, and a wonderful soft drink. I’m set to try their dessert section next, which is something I am considering ordering online. I can’t wait to try everything I’ve been wanting. If you’re a Conseco fan like I am, and you haven’t made it to the Sweet_ary yet, you simply must make it out of town.