A Brief History of Shandallthink in Lanarkshire

In this article we’ll examine the history of shantallknowles, Camsoda and the place in history they occupy. The first town to be built in Ireland in the 18th century was Shandonllagh. The name has been kept as Shandallion, but the town is now called Shantall. It grew out of a local fishing settlement and gradually became a boom town for the linen industry. Shandalllough became the focal point of the fishing and whaling trade during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

The importance of the shantytown meant that it had to be defended against unwanted visitors. The solution was to build a large wall. The wall, known as the ‘Gedding of Shantall’, was built from locally produced slats of wood and has stones put into place to protect it from marauding visitors. It was a crude and ineffective defence, but it must have protected the town well enough during its short life.

Camsoda, another town that developed out of Shandalllough, was founded by a man called David Cavan. David died in his home in Shandallthink having heard of the tragedy of the starving men, ‘The Adventure of the Three Masters’, which were found dead in the river on their return from a 3-day journey to Cork. His brother Thomas and his associate Rev. John O’fferagan formed the society of Shandallthink. In their petition for the right to build a town hall they requested funds for a good cause and that the funds be used for the relief of the distressed men.

Much of the money was raised by word of mouth and from contributions by Shandallthink residents. Eventually David’s son Thomas inherited the shantallthink business. A new road was built to connect Shandallthink to its sister town of Cavanmore and many people were able to visit Cavanmore for part or all of the day. Cavanmore became the new centre of the shantallthink community.

The original town plan included a market place and a public house but as the years went by the circumstances changed. A new road was built to connect Shandallthink to its sister town of Cavanmore and many people were able to visit Cavanmore for part or all of the day. A new centre was constructed for the elderly and the sick and this led to the older generation using the shantallthink centre as a place to rest during their visit to Cavanmore. A local artist called Joseph Cavan worked on the blueprints for this new centre and he was able to bring many of Shandallthink’s unique characteristics to the construction of his centre. Shandallthink was born.

Today, Shandallthink is a thriving community with more than enough shop units and places to eat. There are many attractions for tourists and visitors including the wonderful Crystal Caves. The famous ‘Shantallthink Walking Trail’ runs along the west side of the town and this trail has now developed into a walking tour that visitors can enjoy. There are also some fantastic views available from the walking trails so you don’t need to be a particularly fit person to enjoy Shandallthink.