Why Choose a Queenanna 420?

Queenanna Cortland’s famous red and black Jacuzzi are a world famous landmark. This attraction attracts people from all over the world to take a hot tub vacation during the summertime. It is located on the Queen Mary 2, which was used by the royal couple in their honeymoon in England. The Jacuzzi is supposed to be the safest and best Jacuzzi in the world. This Queenanna Cortland is considered to be the largest Jacuzzi on the planet. The size is 3 feet long, six inches wide and three feet deep.

This Queenanna Cortland is constructed from wood that is handpicked from the finest trees in Brazil. It has been created with a contemporary design and can be customized with any style of spa pod you may desire. The Queenanna Cortland is equipped with a three-inch air compressor, a fifty-gallon storage tank, stainless steel bases and a twenty-four foot cable.

The Queenanna Cortland comes with many different optional features and amenities. There is over a hundred different foot positions to enjoy the Jacuzzi. There are over two hundred positions for the jets, over thirty-five feet of vertical drop and nearly one hundred and fifty feet of horizontal drop. This makes it easy to enjoy a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi and still be able to get out and move around.

It also has a thermostat control that allows you to determine the exact temperature of the Jacuzzi. This feature allows you to have perfect water temperatures every time you want to use it. This means no waiting until it is cold outside to soak. The other thermostat control allows you to set the temperature to whatever suits you best. There are four separate temperature settings including ones for hot and cold, so you can have perfect water temperature no matter what the season is.

The controls on this unit are easy to operate and have been designed in a way that anyone can operate them. They are very simple to find your way around and are easy to operate. There is also an emergency shut off that will turn off the unit if there is a problem. This is great for when you have company or you are entertaining. With this type of unit, even if there are problems, you will still be able to enjoy your Jacuzzi.

There are over eleven thousand gallons of water inside of the unit, which is more than most models. This makes it very powerful and will hold enough water for anyone who wants to have a relaxing soak. You can add in jets in the future if you need to. This is a great choice for anyone looking for something a little different and one that will take care of their growing needs. Queenanna420 is a good choice for anyone looking to experience a relaxing shower like few other models are able to offer.