My True Love – A Portuguese Girl by Leila Czaia

When I was younger, I used to dream of being a mistresscaro. Now that I am in my thirties and am financially stable enough to rent an apartment on my own, I have finally decided to pursue this goal. For the next two years, I will live in Manhattan Beach, California.

My first morning after moving into my new place, I was greeted by a bouquet of flowers. To my surprise, there is a salon called mistresscaro on 47th Street, Manhattan Beach. I entered and immediately felt like royalty.

Within a few minutes of stepping into the lobby, I was being led to a waiting room. A receptionist sat me down at the desk. She introduced herself as Celia and told me she was the owner. I was taken aback by her English accent and was somewhat confused about the « M » at the end of the word. Luckily, she was able to remedy this situation in a short amount of time.

I was shown to my personal corner, and was greeted with a magazine, which was full of pictures of her many travels around the world. Most of the pictures were of places in Europe, though there was one or two taken in Asia. In her book « Swinging Sixties », she mentioned visiting Hong Kong and Macau. I wasn’t able to find any articles pertaining to those places. However, I do know that she likes to travel to them from time to time.

After settling into my chair, I was shown to my private suite. As I expected, it was decorated very extravagantly. There were multiple tables for massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, and a whole array of beauty treatments. The prices in my view were very expensive for the service provided, but I didn’t say anything because it was such a treat to be served there. It turns out that the price range for these different services and luxuries range from four hundred dollars to nearly five hundred.

Upon entering the parlor, there was a very sexy Asian girl in a large and very seductive costume. She came up to me and introduced herself to me. We immediately hit it off and exchanged business cards. Since she lives in New York, I was able to get an appointment with her on the same day as our first date.

When we met up, I could tell right away that she was the real thing. She had on a short black dress and a very sexy blouse that exposed her shoulders. When we spent some more time together, things got hot and heavy right away, and after an hour or so we decided to make a reservation at the same fine dining establishment we had visited on our first visit.

It was not long before we were ordering another round of drinks while enjoying the night away. When she arrived, however, I noticed something different about her appearance. Her skin was a bit tighter and tone, which surprised me. After asking her what she had done, I quickly learned that she had gotten a Facelift. A facelift, it turns out, is not something I would normally recommend to someone first taken.