Information About Milenawiley Real Estate

When I heard the word Milenawiley, I just thought it was pronounced « Moon-way » or something similar. In fact, I first learned about it when I saw an ad for a lake in Winston-Salem, NC. It said that this lake was created specifically for Milenawiley Lake, and that accommodations at this lake could be found in an assortment of price ranges. My wife and I quickly searched online to see if it was a true lake, and if so, what were we going to find at the lake. We did some research and ended up making the decision to buy a home at the base of the mountain.

Milenawiley is named after its natural lakebed where the town was built. It has a very unique history and heritage as well as a spectacular view of the Nantahala River valley. The lake itself is about a mile long and is surrounded by woods and fields that are naturally treasured by many people. The area offers beautiful views of the Nantahala River valley and the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Because the lake is so large and with a great deal of land, it can be quite expensive to build a house on top of the mountain.

We purchased a home at the bottom of the mountain, which sits at about two hundred feet above sea level. The land was very expensive, but we had found it to be a very special place and decided to purchase it. When we were considering the mountain top house to buy, we knew that we wanted to make sure that the lake views were very clear. So we made sure that the house had a glass door and a good view of the lake and Nantahala River.

When we moved in, we immediately made plans to have a full-time gardener and a dog, because we loved our new neighborhood so much. Our neighbors really didn’t care for the dogs, so it seemed like they didn’t mind having the dogs living out their days, but we really wanted to raise our own dogs. Having the dogs around made such a difference in our lives, that we started a magazine about raising dogs, and have had many people ask to print it since we have done so well.

We also bought a dock for fishing and a powerboat so that we could enjoy the lake more. Because the lake is so big, you can’t walk on to the mainland from our house, but the closest highway is only one mile away. We love being able to fish so much in such a small space and have had people ask to come out and feed us as well. There are a lot of things for you to do in Milenawiley, North Carolina, but if you enjoy fishing, the best place to go is just outside your house on the lake.

If you are looking for a good investment property, Milenawiley real estate is definitely worth investigating. The prices in the area are reasonable, and compared to other parts of the United States, the housing prices are excellent. You will have no trouble finding a home to suit your taste. You can find homes for sale in just about any price range, anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand. Do some research, and you should be able to find a perfect property.