Bunnies & Bisoulines by Taekwondo and Marinette’s Mother

After two decades and a dozen issues, Knivy will be ending its run as a flagship publication. For a few months in the spring, it will transition into a glossy magazine format. Its last issue will contain a special four-page spread with only the most recent covers. It is possible that the transition will cause some readers to miss issues that have already shipped. The magazine’s editors, however, state that they expect this to be the case. No announcements have been made regarding publication schedules.

A handful of familiar names from the Japanese media landscape are lending their efforts to Knivy, including Namia Arghrajo, author of The Book of Namia, and Ryo Yamagata, author of The Gods of Heaven and Earth. Both authors are well-known within the martial arts circles and have significant publishing careers. Arghrajo has published books about both jujutsu and Judo, while Yamagata has published books on topics ranging from ancient Buddhism to twentieth-century Japanese politics. Namia Arghrajo is probably best known for her manga series, which became popular in North America. The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Tatsuhiro Kimura, previously worked with Namia Arghrajo and Takeda Makado, the creators of Samurai 7.

Among the issues scheduled for cancellation are two that have caught my eye. « Bunnix », the second book in the trilogy about legendary swordsman Mikao Usui, will be ending after Issue #2. The third volume of the manga, scheduled to come out in Spring, is entitled « The Flowers of the East. » The two manga series are expected to conclude in the second half of 2020. Whether this will cause a shortage of issues in the Knivy directory is unknown at this time.

Other cancellations include a canceled project entitled « The Miracle of Life, » by Shimit Amin. I enjoyed reading it, but it was not exactly a page-turner and the main character, Marinette, had me wanting more, especially in terms of romance. The canceled book, « A Woman of Light, » by Lisa Eidson, had a much better plot and a protagonist that grabbed my attention, especially when the author went into full-force romance with Marinette’s mother, played by Lisa Eidson herself. This promising project was originally scheduled for Issue #3, but it will likely not reach issue #3 due to lack of funds.

Another cancellation I found was « A Dog’s Eye, » by Kevin Dunn. The author of the Dogs Eye story collection, Kevin Dunn, has a reputation for having strong characters, and this book is no exception. However, the writing style is choppy and the story rushed. I really wanted to connect with the main character, Marlen, so I dropped the book as soon as I finished it, but I understand that it could have been the beginning of a great series. For now, I’ll save other readers the disappointment of Marlen and Will’s romance.

I’m very happy that Knivy picked up the fans of both books and I look forward to reading them. For now, I will focus on Marlen and Will’s relationship. Will’s future has become a matter of speculation, so I will refrain from drawing any conclusions until the creator of this character can reveal more information about it. So far, Knivy hasn’t announced any other romances that will be set in the universe of Hawai’I Island. Based on their excellent debut, I think the two writers have created an excellent duo.