Camsoda Katya Show – What’s So Great About Katya Leraeya?

One of the biggest surprises of the year is Matt Lauer’s turn as Katt Leya in Camsoda’s reality show, « The Biggest Loser. » The audacious fitness model was a favorite on « The Biggest Loser » and seemed like a lock for the show, given her physique and athletic prowess. Her appearance on the show attracted so many people to her camp that it was said that Matt Lauer just had to get her. And they got her, keeping her for about two months before she was officially eliminated in the finale. Here’s a look at what went on between the finale and her elimination…

-The Biggest Loser Financially: It seems like the show just got bigger from season to season. Ratings are up, and it seems like more people watch. Camsoda, the production company that produces The Biggest Loser, seems to have realized this increase in demand and is making money hand over fist with each new episode. This means that they could make plenty of money off of this show, and it was suggested by many that they were going to take the show to the highest possible level.

-Training For The Show: Matt Lauer has been an avid trainer since he was a kid, and he continued that training when he got older. He trained with weights and circuit training and then went on to become a national competitive figure skating champion. Now, he’s brought his intense fitness modeling style to the world of cellulite and fat reduction with Camsoda.

-Off The Circuit: There’s no doubt that the amount of time that Lauer spent working with Camsoda’s nutrition and trainer, Holly Perkins, must have paid off. He looks and feels amazing in the show, and fans love his effort. Perkins herself has also impressed many onlookers with her transformation from a bulky fitness model to a trim, toned fitness model. If this is what’s it’s like to go from being fat to thin, then it’s easy to see why Camsoda has done so well.

– sponsorship deals: With Camsoda as a sponsor, you know that they are serious about fitness and staying in shape. They’ve sponsored many big names, including Delta Burke, so you can bet that sponsorship deals will be high on the agenda for any new fitness models that sign with Camsoda. And while the show isn’t exactly a moneymaker, it does make for a great soap opera soap, at least, and Matt Lauer’s not putting on any shows…

– endorsement deals: sponsorship is just one way that Leraeya is cashing in on her appearance on Katt Leya. She’s also received other endorsement deals from sponsors including Reebok and Nike. That’s a lot of money to toss around! When you add up all of the Camsoda appearances, the amount of money involved, it’s easy to see how it’s paid for in just a few months. It’s a lot of entertainment for little money, which is definitely something we can appreciate in today’s economy.