Experience the Queen of Thai Food With a Free Chat Session From Cochin Inn

The Cochin Inn is a popular Inn situated in the charming town of Cochin, Kerala. Located in the region of Western Ghats, the Inn was built to cater the needs of leisure visitors and business travelers visiting the region. This beautiful Inn is located within a short walking distance from the charming beach of Cochin, making it a convenient destination for any tourist or visitor who wishes to experience Cochin from all points of views. Visitors are welcomed warmly by the friendly and informative staff of the Cochin Inn, offering them quality services and delicious local food delicacies along with a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. All this and more make Cochin a wonderful place to visit and spend your vacation.

One of the most popular services offered at the Cochin Inn is the « Thali » or the sweet princess tea. Considered as the Queen of Thai teas, the Thali is traditionally prepared using the finest quality tea leaves and is popular for its pleasant taste and aroma. The Thali can be enjoyed by a single person, as a part of a larger group or as an afternoon treat for yourself and/or family. A perfect way to kick start your day, the Thali can be made ahead of time or brought along on the drive to the inn.

In addition to the Thali, Cochin Inn offers visitors a variety of exciting services that will make your stay even better. Guests can enjoy their rooms to the fullest with the help of complimentary broadband internet, round the clock room service, daily maid service, and hot tub access. The cozy room service and round the clock room care provide guests with a comfortable stay, at a very reasonable cost. If you have a fetish for watching live sex shows, the Cochin Inn offers live cam models for any and all tastes. The models are available to watch from their own private booths or from the observation deck of the 40th Anniversary Camper and Tour Package. With an additional bottle of champagne and your very own photo in your guest book, you will surely be able to seduce your partner!

You might also want to take advantage of the special photo opportunities that the Cochin Inn offers. The snapchat is free to download and you can upload any image you like onto snapchat. The Cochin Inn has a group of dedicated snapchat users that are available at any time of the day – you will never miss a show! With over 40 million snapshots stored, you are sure to have some special images to share with all of your friends when you take advantage of the live chat function.

With over 40 million snapshots stored, it is no wonder that everyone at Cochin Inn is excited about the upcoming celebration – the Queen of Thai Food will be arriving shortly! However, before she arrives you can make her feel like a queen by booking a free chat session right in the comfort of your own home. You will get to interact with the Thai Royalty before they arrive and get to enjoy the live cam model ready presentations that they are so famous for!

Now that you know exactly how easy it is to get live video streams and pictures from Cochin, you will definitely want to reserve your place as a member. For just $12 per month you will be given lifetime access to the members area. Also, as a special added bonus, you will get the chance to win an amazing prize! Make sure that you reserve your spot as soon as possible so that you can be among the first to experience this historic and exciting event.