Are You Only Fans of Cheap Bottle Wine? Find the Real Stuff and Enjoy it

Just as there are many different types of Champagne, only some are actually « real » and created in the Champagne Glass making process. The most famous and well-known type is made by the Champagne producer Armani Group, which is based in Italy. Caramel and Creme blanc are also popular and made in the same factory as the original. However, real « Champagne » comes from a brandy glass, not from a sparkling one.

Even though they are all recognized in the field of wine, they are not considered authentic wine by the majority of wine lovers. Most simply refer to them as « colored », although that is not technically accurate. Because it is widely accepted that Champagne is produced with « white grapes », this leads most consumers to assume it is white wine when in fact it is an « imitation ».

This can be confusing for customers who have no knowledge about how the wine is made. If you buy « Carreon » or « Cream » they mean the same thing, but are they really the same thing? This can be confusing for consumers who do not know much about the history. In actuality, « Cream » is simply a cheaper brand of Carling and is often confused with the more expensive « Real Carling ». So how is this relevant to you?

If you purchase Carling « Cream » and call it a sparkling wine, you are only fans of low quality products. In fact, many of these bottles contain only one percent Carling and are not sealed tightly, allowing carbon dioxide to build up in the bottle. This causes the wine to be flat and straw-like in appearance. While not officially recognized by the California State Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, this is still considered an imitation. Only fans of this inferior product call it sparkling.

While you may think it is okay to drink a cheap knock off, you may want to think again. Not only are you not benefiting the original manufacturer, but the cheap knockoff also fails to compare to real Carling. If you enjoy a glass of real champagne, you should also invest in real carling glasses. You will enjoy the same quality, look and aroma, but you will also get to taste the real wine.

If you are going to get wine, you might as well go all out. Get the real thing and invest in a vintage bottle. These are usually marked with the year it was produced. You will enjoy a better wine, although it will come at a higher price. However, you are getting what the original intended to provide. While you might have to pay more for the original, you are getting exactly what you deserve and a better bottle of wine at the same time.