Carina Video Recorder – What Is It?

Carina is a free software project to create car stereo over the Internet. With a click of a button you can watch up to 4 hours of toying and creative video recordings in chaturanga format from webcam archive. Have unlimited public and private video streams from MySpace, webcam and live jasmine, all for you to watch and enjoy. The software is a fast and efficient web video recorder/recordor that also records in the Flash video player.

Choose which files you want to save, they are stored in the « videos » folder. Some videos are already included, while some you will need to add. These include car videos, road traffic accident videos, bike accidents etc. You will also be provided with options for new videos and editing your existing videos.

The Carina software offers two ways to use it. The first way is as a video recorder and upload the videos to an internet site. You may then watch the videos on your PC or laptop as long as there is an available Internet connection.

The second method is to connect the Carina player directly to your personal computer. Simply connect the player to your computer, make sure there is a good speaker’s connection and play the videos. You can now watch the videos and choose any of them to store or play next. If you like you can even download individual videos as many as you want. This is very useful especially when sharing videos through various sites or sending them to friends.

This software comes with car audio conversion features. You can convert your own car audio or CD’s to MP3 format and save it as a WAV. You can then transfer these files to your MP3 player or use the converted files in other applications such as your personal computer. Some users also find this software particularly useful for recording their own audio travels.

Another great feature of Carina is its multi-functional screen which allows you to switch between different screens, showing the video on one, and still viewing the other. If you use the audio version of this software, you can simply click on the audio icon to view the video. If you prefer you can just hold Control and click on the big picture button on the screen.