A Short Biography Of Beth Lily

Beth Lily is a British glamour model, who hails from Essex in England. She was born sometime between the 24th March 1996 and the 24th April 1996. She then lived in England all her life and later on became a glamour model. She has appeared in several British magazine and has also been selected for the British Fashion Awards. Before she entered into this profession as a glamour models, she was engaged in the medical industry. She joined a surgical recruitment agency in 1996 and worked for various cosmetic surgeries including rhinoplasty, chin implants and face lifts.

Lily went through different hair make ups before becoming a model, but she decided to go natural and chose her name Beth. The name was given to her because of the curly hair she used to wear in her earlier profession. She then went on to work with brands like L’Oreal which was one of the most popular cosmetic companies in Europe. Beth’s most known roles were featured in several ad campaigns by L’Oreal.

Lily has gone on to model for other major brands as well. Her appearances in fashion publications has made her a name in the industry and she was even asked to attend the Fashion London Fashion Week party along with fellow glamour models Kat Von D and Jimmy Page. She has gone on to appear in many music videos and TV shows and her most popular roles have been in the soap opera Gossip Girl and the movie Trisha Earls. Her most well-known role as of late is that of the lead character in the British sitcom Only Friends With Kids.

Beth started to get noticed by many of her fans when she appeared on the reality television show Jersey Shore. She impressed her fans with her great personality and with her ability to make young girls look older than they really are. Since then she has gone on to make appearances in many more popular TV shows. She currently has three series, which she presents in the United Kingdom, Australia and America.

The best thing about Beth is that she loves what she does. Modeling is not something that she dreads doing. She loves to go out and take pictures with fans and she enjoys posing for cameras. She loves to make people laugh and she loves to make a positive difference in the world.

Many people in the modeling industry struggle from day to day. Beth Lily makes it look easy because of how good she is at what she does. She is someone who puts her hair up every morning in a neat up style. If you are interested in modeling, then you should definitely check out Beth Lily.