Arianna Singh’s PC-Skyrocketing Product

There is a new tool that is now available to the Skype users, namely, Livejasmin. This new tool is a special application from Skype, which enables you to send and share your desktop screen with other Skype users who are connected to your network. The most amazing thing about this tool is that, it is very easy to use. In a way, it can be compared to Windows Live Mesh or OTT cell phones such as the Blackberry or the iPhone, but is more advanced. It basically allows you to see a desktop image of your Skype screen to another Skype user, in real time.

In order to fully take advantage of the features of Livejasmin, you have to download this application from the Microsoft site. Then, launch Livejasmin, select your user name and password, and click « Network ». You will then be able to join the « skype group ». Just like any other normal Skype program, the application also allows you to chat with other Skype users who are either online or are within your Skype network.

One of the greatest things about Livejasmin is that, it allows you to share your desktop with any other ariannaeden user who is also signed up to the Skype network. So, if you’re aSkype business traveler, you don’t have to search for a hotel to stay in. You can also talk with your colleagues in Skype from anywhere around the world, just as if you were sitting next to them. You can also use your keyboard to type messages or send emails to other Skype users. Livejasmin also offers similar functionality to that of Microsoft Office.

Another great feature of this application is that it also allows you to see the desktop of any ariannaeden user who uses this application. This means you will know instantly if a particular ariannaeden user is online or not. If she is not online, you will still be able to see her desktop. The advanced version also allows you to lock/unlock her desktop. If you need to contact a certain ariannaeden user, you can do so from her desktop. This means that you can also keep tabs on her email and browsing history.

Last, but not the least, Livejasmin also offers a powerful anti-spam feature. With an innovative technique known as « stacking », Livejasmin prevents spammers from sending their messages to your desktop. So, you will be able to receive your mails without being bombarded by thousands of spam messages. Livejasmin has received numerous awards from various companies including Consumers’ Union, Computer Day, The Association of Online Merchants (CAM), and ID Analytics. You will definitely want to try out this feature.

Overall, the program does exactly what its name suggests. It will create an awesome desktop image of your personal computer. If you are not sure where to find ariannaeden, you can visit her website. This will give you more information about her products, as well as a quick look at her interview in W Magazine. I am positive that Livejasmin will help you a lot in your quest for having a beautiful personal desktop.